Regained my competitive edge after a TBI

"After 5 months post TBI and being treated elsewhere, I was referred to Dr. McWhorter. At that time, my life felt like I was on a roller coaster that I had zero control over. It wasn’t until I began treatment with Dr. McWhorter and his team that I started to experience rapid progression. After 3 ½ months at McWhorter CNR, I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have my brain back but more importantly, my life. Dr. McWhorter is able to provide real time data during brain exercises which assisted me in pushing myself to get my competitive edge back. Dr. McWhorter and his team know exactly how to challenge your brain, provide advice, and truly get to know each of their patients in order to provide top notch services. Being able to take the reigns back on my own life is the greatest gift Dr. McWhorter could have given me! I will be forever grateful to him and his team. Thank you!"

-Elizabeth W.

Dr. McWhorter and his team helped me get my life back

"I found McWhorter CNR during one of my sleepless nights as I desperately tried to find help. I travel 2 hours and 20 minutes to see Dr. McWhorter. All I was hearing from my doctors was that “I was fine, your brain is fine” but I knew that I was not “fine”. All this led to so many other issues (anxiety and depression). I will always be thankful to God that I found Dr. McWhorter and I will always be thankful to Dr. McWhorter and his team for their patience, expertise, help and for not giving up on me. The modalities that I could not get through but was guided, encouraged more times than I can count, made a difference in more ways than I can explain. Thank you for your dedication to my overall health and for giving me my life back."

-Geneva M.

Did wonders for my neurological functioning

"I had a non-cancer tumor that was located in my spinal cord T2-T4. It blocked the spinal fluid from getting to my lower body. At one point, I was in a wheelchair because I lost all feeling in the lower ¾ of my body. I ended up with great surgery results, but my cognition, processing, balance, dizziness, migraines, etc. were extremely affecting my ability to function. Dr. McWhorter and staff performed miracles with the treatment they provided. I started out 5 days a week and 1 ½ - 2 years later I was finishing up with 2-3x per week; but at a much higher functioning and I feel amazing!! Dr. McWhorter is one of the most knowledgeable neurological people I have met. Listen to what he says and you will make great progress!"

-Candyce G.

A viable solution for my concussion - there is hope!

"Dr. McWhorter and his team are absolutely amazing. From the start it has been one of the most satisfying experiences. His team gave me my life back! Concussions are incredibly frustrating and he proved that there is a solution. It is not something that has to be debilitating and that there is hope! I highly recommend his team. The results speak for themselves."

-Jarom P.

I made a full recovery from my car accident

"Walking into Dr. McWhorter’s office I was desperate to get help following a car accident. I suffered from a concussion as well as severe neck pain. Dr. McWhorter and his staff not only provided me with quality care but they also lead me to great success within my results. After a few months of treatment I am now walking out of his office with a full recovery! Dr. McWhorter and his team are top of the line and I will always recommend them with great confidence! "

-Alyssa Q.

Excellent care and complete treatment for mDDS

"I recommend Dr. McWhorter and his amazing staff to help with mDDS. His therapies cover so many facets of the illness - it’s a very complete treatment. Everyone of his staff is very dedicated to helping each patient with excellent care and pure kindness! I am blessed to have found this wonderful group of caring people!!"

-Marcy B.

Memory loss and dizziness are a thing of the past

"I came to McWhorter CNR with extreme short-term memory loss and dizziness. Within 2 months I am “back to normal”. I was a bit reluctant at first, but learned a lot through my journey, and am now “sold” on this therapy."

-Grace P.

So impressed with the thorough treatment, kind and professional staff

"Our son got a concussion playing hockey and needed treatment. One of his coaches recommended Dr. McWhorter’s office and we are so happy he did. We didn’t even know this kind of treatment existed! We live in Spokane and even though it was a hardship for us to get him here for treatments we are so impressed with [the] thoroughness of treatments and kindness and professionalism of all office staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Highly recommend!!"

-Kelly P.

I was back to 100% in just two weeks

"Recently I got knocked out during a hockey game and when I came back to Colorado, my teammate’s dad recommended Dr. McWhorter to my family, so we came in to check things out. From the moment I walked in, I knew I was in good hands. I immediately noticed the professionalism by seeing all of the athletes Dr. McWhorter has helped out. Within 2 weeks of treatment, Dr. McWhorter has helped me get back on the ice at 100% and I feel as good as new."

-Lukas W.

ignificant improvement in my cognitive function, balance, spatial awareness

"I suffered two concussions about 6 weeks apart in January and February of 2021. After not seeing any significant improvement after 6 months, I decided to see Dr. McWhorter. I have been working with him and his skilled team for almost 3 months and have seen significant improvement in my cognitive function, balance, spatial awareness, etc. and have noticed a decrease in my headaches and nausea. I have had vision problems as a result of my concussions and the team here was able to help me get into a terrific vision specialist. I would definitely recommend McWhorter CNR to anyone who has had a brain injury or would like to improve cognitive performance."

-Will J.

Dr. McWhorter is the best doctor I have seen since the accident

"I have no words to express my gratitude to your team and you. I got in a car accident in July of 2020. As a result, I ended up having a mild traumatic brain injury. I was initially told it would resolve on its own. However, this was not the case for me. I began to seek out other forms of treatment. I went from one neurologist to another, from one physical therapy clinic to the next with very little improvement. I have also, worked with multiple cognitive therapists. After spending 15 months going from one treatment to the next, I was burnt out and had very little hope in finding resolution to the multiple symptoms I was struggling with. From fatigue to severe migraines, and many others. In the fall of 2021, I advised my attorney that I just wanted to take some time off from all these treatments as I didn’t feel any of them were of any aid. My lawyer then suggested I see Dr. McWhorter. And this was going to be my last resort.

I remember walking into Dr. McWhorter’s office for a consult. I was mad! And had very little confidence and I just thought here we go with another clinic, another doctor. After an evaluation, Dr. McWhorter agreed with me that I was at 50-60 percent in my functionality, and he felt confident with his treatment plan that he would be able to restore more of my function. I didn’t really believe it but figured I should do something, so I went ahead with this treatment plan. To my surprise, within three months, I regained more of my ability and saw a reduction in the symptoms.

McWhorter CNR staff are the best, they quickly became my friends. Dr. McWhorter is the best doctor I have seen since the accident. I am truly so grateful to him and his team."

-Olga D.

Concussion side effects subsided, I am me again

"Dr. McWhorter and his staff have literally turned my life around. After suffering a couple pretty severe concussions from skiing and mountain biking, I began to believe I would always suffer from the side-effects. To name a few – brain fog, aggressive mood swings, anxiety, depression, etc. I didn’t recognize the person I was. My first visit, I remember feeling incredibly helpless – with no direction or passion for my life. After a few months of treatment with Dr. McWhorter, I began to feel the life re-enter my body. I remember feeling excited to read again – something I once loved dearly. I even enrolled, and am going back to school in just a few weeks. It is wild to think that I had my first visit just a few months ago. I am me again – confident and passionate with an intense desire to learn. I am endlessly thankful for everyone at McWhorter CNR."

-Abigail L.