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Acupuncture is an esteemed traditional Chinese medicine and widely-used holistic health treatment. It is a form of therapy where thin needles prick the skin to treat a wide range of conditions. This therapy is an alternative to medicine or surgery for pain relief, stress relief, improvements in cognitive functioning, and more. Are you ready to make your Denver acupuncture appointment?

Before you do, there are a few preparations to consider in order to make the most out of your visit. If you are looking to give acupuncture a try, keep these tips in mind when preparing for your appointment.

1. Free Up Your Schedule

For the most effective treatment, you'll want to feel relaxed throughout the entire process — including before and after the appointment. When scheduling your Denver acupuncture appointment, find a window of time in your calendar where you're not booked with back-to-back tasks.

With more open availability, you'll be able to calm your nerves before the acupuncture and enjoy the relaxing effects afterward. Since the treatment is meant to calm the body, you may feel some fatigue when leaving the office. So, give yourself enough time to listen to what your body needs.

2. Eat a Nutritious Meal

Experts advise you to eat a well-balanced meal approximately two hours prior to your treatment. Fuel your body with whole foods and a good amount of protein. This way, you can avoid dizziness or lightheadedness from the needles. However, only eat a small to medium portion to avoid potential discomfort during your appointment.

It's important to consider any ingredients that may upset your stomach. Acupuncture sessions typically last from 30 minutes to an hour, so you'll need to feel comfortable staying still for that period of time.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothing

As acupuncture is all about relaxation, you'll want to dress comfortably. Wear light pants and shirts that can be rolled up to reveal skin for needle placement. Needles can be placed through thin clothing, so avoid any thick, tightfitting garments such as denim. However, a medical gown can be provided if you prefer. This will make it easier for the acupuncturist to place the needles in the right places.

4. Avoid Coffee and Alcohol

For an optimal acupuncture session, you want to avoid any type of buzz.

If starting your day includes a cup of coffee, make sure to avoid any morning sessions with your acupuncturist. Similar to eating a nutritious meal, you'll want to avoid drinking any caffeine for at least two hours prior to your session. Caffeine has stimulants which raise the heart rate and increase your body’s fight-or-flight response. You want your system to be calm and relaxed for your appointment.

To ensure a positive visit, stick to water for the day to keep your body hydrated. This way, you’ll be able to comfortably remain still throughout the duration of your appointment.

5. Any Questions

While awaiting your acupuncture appointment, write down any specific questions you may have about the treatment. If you have any hesitations or concerns about certain areas on your body, it will be helpful to come prepared to address them. You may also want to ask about current medications or supplements you are taking. Your acupuncturist can assure you on the process and provide clear aftercare instructions.

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