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Do you struggle with neck pain on a recurring basis? If you answered yes, we can provide effective and reliable chiropractic care to help alleviate your discomfort. Chiropractic care has proven to be effective at alleviating symptoms, improving mobility, and helping prevent future problems for many struggling with chronic conditions. When searching for a neck pain chiropractor in Denver, there is no better option than McWhorter CNR.

At our chiropractic and neurological rehabilitation clinic, we go far beyond traditional chiropractic care with personalized treatment plans that can integrate numerous science-backed therapeutic interventions.

Why You Should Choose McWhorter CNR as Your Neck Pain Chiropractor in Denver

As chiropractic experts, we see a lot of people that seek out treatment for neck pain and discomfort. For each patient that comes to our clinic, we develop a personalized treatment strategy to help achieve their pain relief needs. We may incorporate traditional chiropractic techniques and may utilize other innovative therapies such as:

With a more comprehensive treatment plan from our experienced chiropractic professionals, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best of hands.

Here are some of the most common causes of pain and strain in the neck.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Muscle Strain/Tendonitis

This is one of the most common reasons why patients come into our office for chiropractic care. Muscle strains or tendonitis can be caused by overuse or injury. The muscles in your neck and shoulders can become tight and strained due to poor posture, repetitive movements, or even lifting heavy objects. These areas are often referred to as “trigger points” because they will cause pain when pressed.

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

This condition occurs when discs between vertebrae begin to deteriorate. As these discs lose their elasticity, they may press against nerves leading to discomfort. DDD is usually seen in older adults but it can occur in younger individuals if they have been involved in high-contact sports activities.

Spinal Cord Injuries

If you’ve suffered from a spinal cord injury, this could be the result of an accident, degeneration, or other medical conditions. Spinal cord injuries can lead to severe nerve damage which results in chronic pain. This is a frequent cause of neck pain and is also a serious medical issue. It’s a good idea to ask your doctor if chiropractic therapy is right for you before getting treatment for your spinal cord injury. At, McWhorter CNR, we require an in-depth exam prior to your first adjustments to ensure a safe and effective experience.

Cervical Arthritis

Arthritis refers to inflammation of joints. In the case of cervical arthritis, the bones of the spine become inflamed. Usually, cervical arthritis appears in older individuals. While, this condition is typically associated with aging, it can also be linked to certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Neck Fractures

A fracture is defined as any break in a bone. A broken neck is called a fractured neck and this type of injury can be the result of trauma or may be related to conditions like osteoporosis. Since the neck is an essential part of the human body, you should visit a hospital immediately if you think you have suffered a neck injury or break. Chiropractic therapy may help expedite your recovery and can provide pain relief, but this may vary for each individual with a neck fracture and would require an exam prior to any treatment.


Osteoarthritic changes are the leading cause of disability among Americans aged 65 years and older. Osteoarthritis is characterized by joint stiffness, swelling, and loss of movement. There are many different types of osteoarthritis, and these conditions can have dramatic effects on your body.

Choose McWhorter CNR for Your Neck Pain Chiropractor in Denver

Regardless of whether you're a professional sports player or a high-powered business executive, your lifestyle affects your physical health. From constant physical activity to hunching over a desk all day, your neck can take a serious beating just by sitting atop your shoulders all day long. Neck pain isn't something you can, or should, laugh off, it affects your quality of life. That pain impacts your performance on the field and in the office.

It's important to address any neck pain when it first begins so it doesn't become a chronic problem. Treating chronic neck pain with cutting-edge chiropractic treatments and other therapies can help you relieve pain for good. That’s where our team at McWhorter CNR comes in to help.

Schedule an appointment today and get started with our neck pain chiropractor in Denver.