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hyperbaric oxygen therapy denver

It's true that healing comes from within, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is gaining popularity as a non-invasive method for healing the body from the inside out. HBOT involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which allows more oxygen to be absorbed into the blood and tissues. As summertime activities pick up, the chance for accidents and injuries does as well. And who wants to spend the beautiful summer days slowly waiting to recover? The next time you're in need of healing, consider trying Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Denver.

What is HBOT?

An HBOT treatment involves the inhalation of pure oxygen while lying in a highly pressurized room or chamber. This treatment method causes oxygen to dissolve more easily into your blood and other bodily fluids. This can help deliver more oxygen to areas of your body that may not be getting enough otherwise. This influx of oxygen promotes healing, detoxification, and the release of stem cells in the body.

How HBOT Helps with Healing

Oxygen-rich blood is a vital element in healing injuries. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Denver has been shown to promote the growth of new blood vessels, which can help to improve circulation and promote healing. It can even work to stimulate the production of growth factors and stem cells, which are important for tissue regeneration and repair. The increase of oxygen in the body will also help reduce inflammation and swelling associated with injuries to expedite the healing process.

Recover from Summer Activities and Injuries

From high-altitude adventures to seaside escapes, the summer is a time when more people are getting active, traveling and potentially becoming injured. Here are some common activities and associated ailments that could be treated with HBOT in Denver.

Hiking & Mountain Biking

The beautiful Rocky Mountains attract many people in the warmer months for a variety of recreational activities. Hiking and mountain biking are among some of the most popular pastimes that occur at high elevation. The altitude in combination with heat can be a recipe for disaster. If you're not acclimated to the elevation or simply aren't hydrating enough, then altitude sickness can take over.

HBOT can provide great relief from altitude sickness through the influx of oxygen to a heavily depleted body. It can even be used in the treatment of more severe cases of altitude sickness such as high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high-altitude cerebral edema (HACE). HBOT will reduce swelling and improve oxygenation in the affected areas of the body.

Vacation Accidents

While we certainly hope you never encounter trouble in paradise, there's always a chance an accident may occur while you're on vacation. Activities like scuba diving or scooter tours can lead to some serious injuries.

Decompression sickness, also known as "the bends," is a condition that affects divers who ascend too quickly from deep water. It occurs when dissolved gases in the body, such as nitrogen, come out of solution and form bubbles in the tissues and bloodstream. HBOT will work to restore depleted oxygen in the body and minimize nitrogen bubbles. Being in the pressurized chamber can also help with any pain or swelling.

Depending on where your vacation is taking place, safety precautions may be more lenient. An island scooter or zipline tour could lead to a head injury if functional helmets aren’t used. Fortunately, HBOT is also very effective at aiding in the healing of head injuries like concussions. The increased oxygen, reduced swelling, and stimulation of stem cells all contribute to the recovery process.

Keep Summer Fun with Hyperbaric Treatment in Colorado

No matter what you're getting up to this summer, the team at McWhorter CNR is here to provide a comprehensive treatment plan should an injury occur. Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Denver accelerates healing, improves athletic performance, and enhances overall well-being, so you can make the most of your summer adventures and minimize downtime. Trust McWhorter CNR to help you stay healthy and active all season long.

Reach out today to schedule your HBOT session!