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As an athlete, your ability to perform is one of the most valuable things you bring to the table. The nature of becoming a top-performing athlete means that your mind and body take a serious toll. From grueling practices to physical limitations, there’s a lot working against you as you strive to enhance your performance and improve your capabilities each and every day. Having the right resources to support these efforts is essential to preventing both physical and psychological burnout. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the most effective ways athletes can ensure their body responds positively to the extensive wear and tear sports can present. Let’s discuss the benefits that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can have for athletes who want to develop their cognitive abilities, reduce recovery time, and enhance their overall performance.

What Exactly Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Made famous by greats like Michael Phelps and Lebron James, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become an increasingly more common therapy in the athletic arena. The treatment itself is pretty simple: breath normally in a highly-pressurized room or chamber for about an hour. Voila!

The process of oxygen therapy is easy for the patient, but what it’s doing for the body is actually quite complex. The high-pressure chamber means the patient can take in more oxygen than is possible at normal air pressure. The increased oxygen stimulates the flow of more oxygenated blood which promotes a plethora of beneficial activities within the body. Ultimately, HBOT gives the body the resources it needs to improve its own ability to heal.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Athletes: What Are The Benefits?

This treatment may seem a little new-age and hokey without the proper research to back it up. Despite how it may appear on the surface, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is renowned in health and wellness circles because of the variety of benefits it offers through a non-invasive approach.

At its core, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is simply supporting the body’s ability to do what it should do on its own. Our lifestyles easily impede this functionality, which is what makes HBOT especially important for athletes. Let’s dive into the specific benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for athletes.

HBOT + Cognitive Development

Brain cells require oxygen to survive and even more to thrive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy kick starts the energy production process within the body to wake up neurons and build new neural connections. In doing so, the brain can function more efficiently, helping athletes process information faster and react more quickly - an essential element to athletic performance.

HBOT + Injury Recovery

In addition to encouraging the development of neural connections, the increase in oxygenated blood that’s flowing through the body as a result of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can expedite recovery timelines and help athletes through the healing process after an injury. How does that work, exactly? HBOT flushes the bloodstream with increased levels of oxygen which provides the energy source needed to activate stem cells, regenerate bone and cartilage, and reduce muscle fatigue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy essentially helps athletes press fast-forward on the recovery process to get them back in the game and at their best in no time.

HBOT + Performance Enhancement

An athlete’s body that is operating efficiently is obviously going to perform better. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy ensures that your cells have all the energy they need to carry out basic and emergency tasks. The increased circulation from hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps athletes put their best foot forward on and off the field.

Calling All Athletes: Try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Denver

McWhorter CNR is passionate about helping athletes gain access to the resources they need to recover faster and perform better. We specialize in providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for athletes who have specific recovery and performance goals. With a full suite of addition therapies available, you’ll find everything you need and more to be at the top of your game every time you step out on the field.

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