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Neurofeedback has become an increasingly popular modality in health and wellness circles, used in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. From chronic conditions like ADHD or anxiety to injuries like concussions or traumatic brain injuries, neurofeedback introduces a uniquely targeted approach to help patients find relief from their symptoms. There are countless benefits of this innovative therapy, but let’s talk about whether or not it makes sense for you to be seeing a neurofeedback therapist in Denver.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback is a process that leverages the concept of positive reinforcement to help patients not only bring behaviors and reactions into awareness but also retrain their brains to respond to triggering stimuli more appropriately. The first thing our Denver neurofeedback therapist will do with a patient considering this treatment is a qEEG brain map. 

A brain map is a non-invasive method of obtaining detailed information about how your brain works. Your neurofeedback therapist will fit a cap snugly over your head and apply electrodes that will measure brain activity in both active and passive states. Upon completing the brain map, your therapist will analyze the results to identify specific neural pathways that are over- or under-performing and contributing to the symptoms the patient is experiencing.

A patient who is struggling with depression will have a wholly unique brain map compared to an individual who is suffering from PTSD. This information helps your neurofeedback therapist develop a treatment regimen that targets the right areas of your brain for the most impactful results.

So, Who Should See a Neurofeedback Therapist?

A neurofeedback therapist can be an advantageous resource for patients experiencing all kinds of difficulties. Because the therapy targets the neural pathways of a patient at an individual level, it’s not hard to imagine why so many people are turning to this gentle and effective treatment to find relief from their symptoms. People visit the neurofeedback therapist at our Denver office for a wide variety of conditions and challenges.

ADHD - Patients of all ages struggling with symptoms of a focus-related disorder can find relief through neurofeedback therapy. Every presentation of ADHD is unique and the inclination to prescribe medicine immediately is far from ideal. Our neurofeedback therapist presents an alternative to traditional regimens that shows proven results.

Autism - ASD can be an especially challenging disorder for the patient and their loved ones because every diagnosis is different. With neurofeedback therapy, you can address symptoms at the very core of their existence.

Concussion & TBI - Patients who’ve suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury often benefit from working with our neurofeedback therapist in Denver. In many cases, a brain injury can lead to supplementary symptoms, from aggression to insomnia and everything in between. Neurofeedback helps identify how the injury affected the brain and supports the patient as they retrain the instinctive response.

Emotional Conditions - Patients struggling with conditions like anxiety or depression experience a lot of frustration when seeking relief from their symptoms. Neurofeedback drills down to the most biological levels of the body to help patients regain control over their symptoms related to emotional disorders.

Migraines - Often, chronic conditions like migraines are due to a misfiring or dysfunction within the brain structure itself. The brain mapping process can help your neurofeedback therapist identify where this misfiring is occurring and support the brain in rebuilding more appropriate pathways.

Find The Best Neurofeedback Therapist in Denver

McWhorter CNR is dedicated to making cutting-edge, innovative, and effective therapies available to the masses. This is why we’ve partnered with Braincode Centers, Denver’s leading neurofeedback provider, to offer brain mapping and neurofeedback services to our patients. 

If you’re interested in the benefits of brain training, contact McWhorter CNR today to schedule a consultation with the best neurofeedback therapist in Denver.