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neurological rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation refers to the process of helping patients regain their ability to move or control their body parts after having suffered a stroke or traumatic injury or struggle with other types of neurological disorders. The rehabilitation process involves specific exercises designed to restore movement and strength. Here at McWhorter CNR, we wanted to make sure you know what neurological rehabilitation treatments can do for you during your path to recovery.

How You Benefit from Neurological Chiropractic Treatments at McWhorter CNR

McWhorter CNR is proud to offer our patients a wide range of neurological chiropractic services and rehabilitation treatments that are tailored specifically to your needs. We want to help you get back on track as quickly as possible, so we’ve put together this guide to give you an idea of how these treatments can benefit you.

What is Neurological Chiropractic Care?

A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases affecting the nervous system. They use many tools such as MRIs and CT scans to diagnose conditions like strokes, brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and more. A neurologist may also prescribe medications to treat certain symptoms associated with these conditions.

A chiropractor, on the other hand, is a healthcare professional trained to treat musculoskeletal problems using manual adjustments and exercise therapy. These professionals have studied anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology (the study of human motion) to develop treatment methods that focus on restoring proper joint function.

Neurological chiropractic service is a combination of both of these fields. These medical specialists and doctors have completed additional training in order to be able to diagnose and treat conditions related to the spine, neck, and head. In addition to performing physical exams and administering diagnostic tests, chiropractors specializing in neurological rehabilitation often perform manual adjustments to realign joints and muscles.

Why Should I Seek Neurological Rehabilitation Services?

There are several reasons why you should consider seeing a chiropractor who specializes in neurological care.

First, most neurological issues stem from misaligned vertebrae and/or nerves. By adjusting these structures, the chiropractor can improve nerve function, reduce pain, and prevent future health complications. Second, there are many different forms of neurological damage. Some people suffer from a single condition while others experience multiple ailments. A specialized chiropractor can provide comprehensive care by addressing all of these concerns.

Finally, many neurological conditions can cause severe pain. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to permanent disability. With the right treatment plan, however, you can recover your mobility and return to normal activities.

The Benefits of Neuro-Chiropractic Treatment

When you receive neurological chiropractic treatment in Denver at McWhorter CNC, you will be able to:

• Improve mobility and balance

• Reduce pain

• Strengthen muscles and joints

• Get better sleep

• Feel less stressed

• Feel more energized throughout the day

Our goal at McWhorter CNR is to provide you with the best care available, which means that we take into account all aspects of your health when designing a personalized plan of action. Our team of highly skilled practitioners will work with you to create a customized program that will improve your overall quality of life.

Why Choose McWhorter CNR?

McWhorter Chiropractic & Neurological Rehabilitation is a leading provider of non-invasive treatments for musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. Our team of highly trained professionals offers comprehensive care for acute and chronic issues including neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, and foot problems. We also provide specialized services for sports injuries, headaches, migraines, and concussions.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation to see what we can do for you.