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If you suffer from symptoms of neuropathy, we don’t have to tell you the experience is nothing short of frustrating. A condition that affects the nerves is affecting you at the very core and finding relief from the symptoms is often a game of trial and error with a trusted professional. Considering the countless causes that can lead to nerve damage, you want a clinic that can offer the same amount of solutions so that you can successfully relieve pain and other symptoms. Let’s discuss some of the options available for neuropathy treatment in Denver that you should consider if you’re suffering from chronic symptoms.

Understand The Cause To Find Effective Neuropathy Treatment In Denver

The very first thing you want to do is identify the root cause that could be causing your symptoms. There are a few different categories that separate neuropathy.

  • Peripheral Neuropathy - often caused by damage to the sensory nerves
  • Cranial Neuropathy - caused by damage to cranial nerves and often presents in the face and eyes
  • Autonomic Neuropathy - affects nerves related to organ function
  • Focal Neuropathy - one of the most difficult forms of neuropathy to diagnose because it affects a specific nerve or group of nerves

Upon identifying the root problem, your Denver specialist will then be able to start crafting a protocol to help you find the right neuropathy treatment.

What Treatments For Neuropathy Are Available?

Despite the stress and despair many patients can experience when struggling with neuropathy, there are options out there that can give you hope and even relief. Don’t mistake the options available for neuropathy treatment in Denver as exclusive to pills. There are a plethora of alternative treatment options that can aid in symptom relief.


Acupuncture has been proven to be highly effective in pain relief. While it may require multiple sessions, or even supplementary treatment that supports the process, acupuncture is a great beginning option for those suffering from symptoms of neuropathy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT works by increasing oxygen flow into the soft tissue. This also increases blood flow which helps support the body’s natural ability to heal. Animal studies have even shown promise for the use of oxygen therapy for nerve regeneration. HBOT can help not only reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort but also potentially play a role in the reversal of the nerve damage.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy works similarly to oxygen therapy by stimulating blood circulation around areas affected by nerve damage. In many cases, the laser can provide damaged nerves with the appropriate oxygen (and therefore nutrition) needed to recover.


Neurofeedback takes a slightly different approach to neuropathy treatment. Leveraging EEG biofeedback to change physiological responses to stimuli, neurofeedback has also proven to be an advantageous solution for patients struggling with neuropathy, specifically those who see symptoms as a result of chemotherapy. A study done at MD Anderson Cancer Center showed significant decrease in pain, activity interference, numbness, tingling, and unpleasantness with neurofeedback treatment.

Find The Best Neuropathy Treatment In Denver

McWhorter CNR is passionate about providing the highest quality treatment options for patients struggling with neuropathy. With some of the most cutting-edge technology and a robust team of specialists, you can find an effective neuropathy treatment that helps you find relief.

If you’re struggling with symptoms of neuropathy, contact McWhorter CNR today to set up a consultation for neuropathy treatment in Denver.