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As humans, we’re inundated with light waves every single second of every single day. Those waves include the lights we consciously think of—sun streaming in through a window, lightbulbs flickering on and off, and even UV light that turns our skin red or tan. But there are also many other light waves we aren’t usually aware of, such as gamma rays that shoot through us or radio waves that bounce off us. As we continue to learn more about light and the power it possesses, everyone from dermatologists to neurologists are trying to harness light waves to help heal the human body. That’s why today we’re discussing everything you need to know about near-infrared light therapy in Denver.

What is Near-Infrared Light Therapy?

Near-infrared light therapy, or NIT, is a non-invasive therapy that involves leveraging the power of red and near-infrared light waves to treat damaged or injured parts of your body. Infrared light is unique in its ability to penetrate below the skin, as the waves can pass deeply into the body through your muscles, nerves, and bones.

If you think back to high school science class, you might remember learning about the visible light spectrum. If you recall, the human eye is able to detect light wavelengths that range from roughly 400 - 700 nanometers. Red light is at the very end of the spectrum, with the longest visible wavelengths. Beyond that range is infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye.

While the idea of using light to heal the body might seem far-fetched, it makes more sense when you start to think of light as a form of energy. It has the ability to quite literally heat the cells in your body and promote better circulation and detoxification.

How to Maximize the Benefits of NIT Therapy with HBOT

Near-infrared sauna therapy is most beneficial when paired with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). HBOT is an innovative therapeutic treatment that involves breathing in pure oxygen in a pressurized room or chamber.

In doing so, oxygen-rich blood is delivered throughout your body, which promotes healing and the release of new stem cells. Here at McWhorter CNR, we offer near-infrared light therapy as an add-on service when you book a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session.

What Does NIT Treat?

Near-infrared light therapy can be beneficial in treating many symptoms and conditions. Typically, this treatment is a good option for anyone who struggles with:

  • Poor circulation
  • Chronic pain
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Nerve pain

No matter which of the above-mentioned conditions you’re struggling with, know that you are not alone. Here at McWhorter CNR, we understand how much of a toll that can take not only physically but mentally as well.

What Are the Benefits of Near-Infrared Light Therapy?

One of the primary reasons more and more healthcare professionals are recommending NIT is the nature of the treatment itself. NIT is an entirely non-invasive therapy that still penetrates the body on a molecular level. And light therapy does more than just mask the symptoms of pain; it treats the cause of the problem at the source.

For many, this is a long-lasting, permanent solution to pain management, that requires no further invasive treatments. What could be a better solution than that?

Where to Find Near-Infrared Light Therapy in Denver

If you’re interested in learning more about near-infrared light therapy in Denver, reach out to us at McWhorter CNR. Whether you’re struggling with pain management, poor circulation, or inflammation, this cutting-edge therapy is worth considering.

Contact us today to learn more about Denver near-infrared-light therapy today.