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Thursday, 29 September 2022 15:35

Benefits of Cognitive Training at McWhorter CNR

What is cognitive training? It typically refers to exercises designed to improve brain function and performance. These exercises include games, puzzles, memory drills, and computerized tasks, and are often recommended as ways to enhance mental performance or prevent memory-related difficulties, like dementia. Some studies suggest that cognitive training may even improve mood and reduce stress levels. At McWhorter CNR, we take cognitive training one step further by combining the above exercises with clinical-grade vestibular training equipment to enhance your progress and provide long-lasting results.

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Our brains are capable of incredible things. But if injury or imbalance occurs, things can quickly decline and lead to a long list of hard to manage symptoms and conditions. In the past, experts believed the brain couldn’t be changed; that you were stuck with whatever brain you were born with at birth or whatever damage you’ve incurred. However, we now know that idea is far from the truth. If you’re interested in bettering your brain, cognitive training therapy in Denver could be right for you.

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