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Experiencing pain—whether acute or chronic—can be exceptionally difficult to deal with. Persistent pain can greatly impact your quality of life. It can hinder your daily activities and discourage you from making plans with family and friends. And if dealing with pain on a daily basis wasn't hard enough, treating pain can prove to be even more challenging. If you're struggling with pain management, know that you are not alone. And if traditional treatment options haven't helped you, it might be time to try infrared light therapy for pain in Denver.

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As humans, we’re inundated with light waves every single second of every single day. Those waves include the lights we consciously think of—sun streaming in through a window, lightbulbs flickering on and off, and even UV light that turns our skin red or tan. But there are also many other light waves we aren’t usually aware of, such as gamma rays that shoot through us or radio waves that bounce off us. As we continue to learn more about light and the power it possesses, everyone from dermatologists to neurologists are trying to harness light waves to help heal the human body. That’s why today we’re discussing everything you need to know about near-infrared light therapy in Denver.

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Friday, 21 August 2020 09:11

5 Treatments to Try for Back Pain in Denver

Back pain can be very difficult to deal with. No matter how much you try not to think about it, it’s impossible not to notice. And between sedentary lifestyles, injuries, and inflammation, back pain is quite common among Americans. In fact, it’s so common that many people think it’s just a part of life. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Back pain relief is possible and easily attainable. Here are five treatment options to try for back pain in Denver.

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While some people are hesitant to recognize it, there is a mind/body connection. When your brain is healthy, the rest of your body follows suit. Alternatively, when your brain health has been compromised, the health of your body is too. This is what makes a traumatic brain injury (TBI) so serious. An injury to your brain affects the rest of your body. Let’s review what a TBI is and how traumatic brain injury therapy in Denver can help a patient that’s suffering.

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