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TBI therapy Denver

While some people are hesitant to recognize it, there is a mind/body connection. When your brain is healthy, the rest of your body follows suit. Alternatively, when your brain health has been compromised, the health of your body is too. This is what makes a traumatic brain injury (TBI) so serious. An injury to your brain affects the rest of your body. Let’s review what a TBI is and how traumatic brain injury therapy in Denver can help a patient that’s suffering.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Most often, a traumatic brain injury is the result of a blow to the head or violent jolt of the body that affects your brain cells, sometimes even tearing the tissue. The physical and psychological effects of a traumatic brain injury range widely and can encompass everything from a mild headache to complete changes in personality or behavior. When a traumatic brain injury occurs, the recovery process can be long and tumultuous. At McWhorter CNR, we work with the patients and their families to provide effective traumatic brain injury therapy in Denver. 

In order to provide our patients with as much support as possible, we specialize in a wide variety of TBI therapies. Let’s review a few of the most effective treatments we offer for patients who’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury. 

Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Near-Infrared light therapy is used to increase circulation to the brain. This is a highly beneficial way to provide TBI therapy that shows results. Why, you might ask? Because increased circulation increases the amount of oxygen reaching the area of injury to help it not only heal, but also function.

We use NIR light as a method for traumatic brain injury therapy in Denver because it’s non-invasive and proven to work. 


NIR light therapy is not the only option for traumatic brian injury therapy in Denver, though. McWhorter CNR also leverages neurofeedback as a resource for TBI patients. Neurofeedback is a drug-free alternative to traditional therapies. We’ll start this therapy with a qEEG brain map and collect information about where your brain may be over- or under-performing. With this information, we can use positive reinforcement to train your brain and begin recovery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, much like NIR light therapy, leverages the benefits of increased oxygen to support the body’s ability to heal. This is a long-term therapeutic effort that exposes patients to pure oxygen at increased levels of pressure. This, in turn, increases blood flow and helps the body release stem cells and begin the healing process.


DynaVision is an innovative tool that we like to use for traumatic brain injury therapy in Denver. This light board is designed to stimulate and rehabilitate the brain after a TBI. Having originally been applied as a sports performance tool, DynaVision quickly evolved as a rehabilitation tool proven to increase cognitive abilities over time.


GyroStim is a lot like DynaVision in the sense that it’s used to stimulate the brain for enhanced cognitive abilities. The vestibular stimulation chair rotates across multiple axes to help train the brain to perceive and react to visual stimuli. GyroStim is a highly beneficial modality used in traumatic brain injury therapy.

Try Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy in Denver

McWhorter CNR is a leading provider of TBI therapy in Denver. With access to the most cutting-edge therapeutic resources, patients can reap all the benefits we have to offer and more with our partnerships across the Metro area. 

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a TBI, contact McWhorter CNR to schedule an appointment for traumatic brain injury therapy in Denver.