Concussion rehab treatments in Denver

Concussions - especially when the injury occurs more than once are serious business. The soft tissue of your brain, while incredibly resilient, are also very fragile when damaged. Whether you’re an athlete whose brain health is at risk due to repeated physical contact or you’ve suffered an accident or fall, if you’ve been diagnosed with a concussion by your medical doctor, McWhorter CNR has the resources you need to fully recover from this devastating and often debilitating injury. Let’s discuss what Dr. McWhorter’s concussion rehabilitation therapy looks like for Denver patients.

What Is Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy?

At McWhorter CNR, we have a diverse collection of state-of-the-art therapy options of patients who’ve been diagnosed with a concussion by their medical doctor. Depending on the area of the brain that’s been affected and the frequency and severity of the injury, Dr. McWhorter - a specialist in concussion recovery - will customize a treatment plan that caters to your personal needs.

Our approach to concussion rehabilitation therapy in Denver is different than most because we are looking at the needs of the patient at every level of cognitive ability. From balance and other issues related to the biomechanical integrity of the brain and body to the emotional changes that often accompany a brain injury, we work to restore function from the inside out so that you can fully recover from your concussion or other brain injury.

How Does Concussion Rehab at McWorter CNR Work?

In order to effectively treat a concussion at McWhorter CNR, we’ll need a formal diagnosis from your medical doctor. Additionally, any scans and related tests you’ve had done will be helpful in developing a concussion rehab plan that suits the needs of the particular injury.

Armed with that information, we can begin internal testing to establish a baseline of neurological function at the point of injury. This will help us measure progress throughout the duration of your concussion rehab in Denver.

We specialize in offering the most cutting-edge treatment options available for concussion rehabilitation and recovery. From developing your sensorimotor system through vestibular stimulation with Gyrostim to restoring reaction times through light training with Dynavision and everything in between, including more traditional treatment modalities, our team of concussion rehabilitation experts will craft a treatment plan that helps you restore function after a head trauma.

The Benefits Of Concussion Rehab In Denver

Concussions can affect everything from general fine and gross motor skills to processing capabilities, so the benefits of advanced concussion rehab in Denver run the gamut. With our rehabilitation solutions, we can help patients:

  • Reduce symptoms, including headaches, nausea, dizziness, and light and sound sensitivity
  • Restore normal function of neurological performance
  • Restore balance and reaction speed
  • Address and manage emotional changes
  • Restore biomechanical integrity of the spine
  • Restore or accelerate processing capabilities
  • Restore verbalizing capabilities
  • Improve memory
  • And so much more

Depending on the area of the brain that’s been affected by a head trauma, you may experience just a few or a wide variety of symptoms, which is why you want robust treatment options to help you recover as quickly and as completely as possible.

Try Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy In Denver At McWhorter CNR

Dr. Jeff McWhorter specializes in concussion rehabilitation and has a reputation in the industry that precedes him. From your run-of-the-mill motor vehicle accident to chronic concussions due to professional sports, McWhorter CNR has the resources you need to achieve recovery from head trauma.

Contact McWhorter CNR today to schedule your appointment and begin your concussion rehab in Denver today.