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DynaVision: The Missing Piece of Your Training Plan

Enhance your athletic performance and your overall health with McWhorter CNR.

DynaVision In Denver: Improve Athletic Performance

Athletic performance is as much physical as it is mental. After a certain amount of practicing, strength training, and flexibility work, you’ll be pushing the limits of your physical capabilities. In order to take that next step toward improving your performance, you have to dig deeper and start training at the most basic biological level: your brain. This is where DynaVision D2 comes into play for athletes who want to push beyond their physical limits to improve their athletic abilities.

What Is DynaVision D2?

DynaVision is a light-training device that focuses on reaction to visual stimuli to improve sensory-motor skills. Simply put, the light board will trigger a stimulus for the participant to process and react to. Often, you’ll be asked to hit switches when you see a light come on. As the training progresses, the tasks will get more complex so that you can push the cognitive boundaries to improve your processing and reaction speeds. The entire process is measured and recorded to provide both the participant and the trainer with quantitative data that can be used to direct a treatment and training protocol to move forward and achieve specific goals.

How Does DynaVision Work At McWhorter CNR?

Our Denver-based DynaVision expert, Dr. Jeff McWhorter, will facilitate training to offer the guidance needed to reap the benefits from this innovative and world-renowned training tool. Throughout the process of training with the D2, Dr. McWhorter will be assessing the participants' ability to:

  • React to various stimuli
  • Proactively track stimuli
  • Facilitate efficient cognitive processing
  • Establish peripheral awareness
  • Make smart decisions in a timely manner

All of these elements make a big difference in athletic performance and the D2 is one of the only vision reaction training systems that operates the way it does to increase the degree of focus and facilitate the streamlined cognitive processing that produces proactive and reactive behaviors that contribute to better performance.

Going Beyond Athletic Performance

DynaVision is widely renowned in athletic circles. Dr. McWhorter leverages the benefits of this technology in his treatment of UFC fighters, as well as NBA, NFL, and NHL players. This intervention is also highly beneficial for amateur athletes who want to take their game to the next level as they work toward scholarship opportunities or a chance at the pros.

While DynaVision is becoming a standard practice for athletes looking to improve their performance, the benefits of this unique training can be applied to a number of other different scenarios. In particular, it has been recognized as an instrumental tool to be used in concussion and stroke recovery.

Stroke Recovery

A stroke occurs because blood flow to a specific part of the brain is cut off. In some cases, the side effects of a stroke are relatively minor, but in others the effects can be catastrophic. Regardless of the level of physical impact that a stroke has on a patient, DynaVision can support the cognitive recovery from the medical emergency and help a patient regain some semblance of normalcy as they return to their everyday life.

Concussion Recovery

The D2 board can be programmed to aid in concussion recovery, as well. By nature, this treatment lends itself to be beneficial to patients overcoming the side effects of a concussion. The protocol helps improve cognitive processing speed and capabilities, hand-eye coordination, motor performance, and general awareness, all of which can be impaired by a concussion.

Experience The DynaVision Difference In Denver At McWhorter CNR

Our Denver office is proud to offer DynaVision D2 to our clients, in conjunction with a wide variety of other therapeutic treatment options that can support improved performance, expedited recovery, and overall wellness.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to take your training to the next level or you’re recovering from a concussion, stroke, or another brain injury, DynaVision could be a valuable tool for you. Contact our office today to set up a consultation for DynaVision in Denver.

Improve Brain Function With Cognitive Training In Denver

With proper training and stimuli, the brain is capable of incredible things. While some can tap into these capabilities on their own, these individuals are few and far between. Cognitive training is a highly effective way to tap into the primal functionality of your brain and enhance performance across the board. Let’s discuss how cognitive training in Denver can transform the way you approach your daily tasks.

What Is Cognitive Training?

Cognitive exercise therapy or cognitive training is used by a vast number of health professionals to help improve brain function, especially after a neurological injury or event. This type of brain training is based on the idea of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize and create new pathways. On that premise, neurological experts can help students with learning disabilities, those who’ve suffered acute head trauma, business professionals, and the elderly improve their cognitive function.

How Does Cognitive Therapy At McWhorter CNR Work?

Cognitive training is built upon the process of trial and error. Depending on the needs of the individual, our leading cognitive expert will craft a therapy program that will support long term goals.

Often, computer training is involved in this innovative therapy. This technology is a great tool for customized therapy that also allows the clinician to easily track your progress and modify the program as needed. Additionally, the use of a computer for cognitive training in Denver maximizes the opportunity to perform a wide variety of exercises, including visual and auditory focuses.

The Benefits Of Cognitive Training In Denver

In many cases, patients can easily associate the activities used for cognitive training with fun. This makes it an especially ideal therapy option for some of the more frustrating cases, including memory loss from head trauma or age and learning disabilities.

This approach allows patients to participate in long-term training without experiencing fatigue so that progress is continuous and there is no ceiling. The benefits patients experience from cognitive training in Denver from Dr. McWhorter range immensely, most frequently falling into a handful of categories, including:

  • Faster processing
  • Improved ability to problem solve
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved reading capabilities
  • Development of coordination and balance
  • Better decision making
  • Improved patterning
  • Boosted executive function

All of these benefits can improve mental and physical function for a better quality of life, even after head trauma.

Our results driven approach to cognitive training means that patients see more measurable results, faster.

Try Cognitive Training In Denver At McWhorter CNR

McWhorter CNR is dedicated to providing cutting-edge therapeutic solutions for patients with all levels of cognitive ability. From business professionals who want to improve performance in the boardroom and students with learning disabilities who need support to be successful in school to aging individuals suffering from memory decline and those who’ve experienced head trauma, there’s no cognitive function we can’t support through our advanced solutions.

If you’re looking for effective cognitive therapy in Denver, you’ve found the go-to place. Contact our cognitive training experts at McWhorter CNR today.


My wife and I have had a lot of success working with Dr. McWhorters team. Every one is his office is warm, knowledgeable, and eager to help us on every visit... He has not only become an incredible resource for healing and self exploration, but he has also become a friend. We are tremendously fortunate to have access to this great team & facility.


Very knowledgeable and caring staff. My wife and I are from Pennsylvania and she has been struggling with MDDS dizziness/nausea since 2019. After coming up empty in the PA market we found Dr McWhorter’s center in Colorado and my wife has definitely seen progress in only 2-weeks that she hasn’t seen in 4yrs. Entire staff is accommodating to questions and willing to help. Thank you.


The team at McWhorter CNR is a very professional group; they made sure I had the best care possible. Besides being professional, they are also a kind and caring bunch; I felt like family while working on my therapy! Dr. McWhorter is a skilled diagnostician, developing a specific treatment plan for each patient. My program (for MDDS) was intense but enjoyable! I am feeling the benefits of the therapies I completed, feeling less dizzy as I continue in my everyday life! THANK YOU MCWHORTER CNR!!!! :)


So accommodating and knowledgeable. Best help! I’ve had unbelievable results since my spinal tumor removal. This rehab plan has been the most helpful over the last 4 years. Thank you Dr. McWhorter.


Started seeing Dr Mchworter for 3 years now and he is the best in his field. His knowledge of the brain is incredible. I was unaware of some of the issues that were lingering from a few old concussions and he helped correct them and got me back competition ready quickly. I highly recommend him if you have had any concussions and or want to improve your athletic performance.

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