As an athlete at any level, there is always room for improvement. In many cases, there is an untapped opportunity for improvement outside of traditional practice. No matter how many hours you log on the field or in the weight room, it’s possible that your cognitive and physical connection must also be trained in a completely separate environment in order to reach your peak abilities. This is where McWhorter CNR comes into the athletic arena. We’re focused on how the brain connects to the body (and vice versa) so that we can help athletes of all levels to transcend the boundaries of their capabilities to enhance their performance. Let’s discuss what athletic performance enhancement in Denver looks like at McWhorter CNR.

What Does Athletic Performance Enhancement Entail?

Dr. Jeff McWhorter was an athlete himself, so he has the insight needed to take a specialized approach to athletic performance enhancement that many other facilities can’t. The first thing we do when an athlete comes to us, whether with an injury or simply because they want to improve their abilities, is analyze their abilities, weaknesses, and goals. This will help our team of cognitive and performance specialists to develop a program that targets your individual needs.

With the variety of cutting-edge treatment options we have available at our facility, we can customize a program to enhance athletic performance that is entirely unique to that individual. This may entail cognitive training like Dynavision, a combination of physiological and psychological support through neurofeedback, physical treatment through traditional chiropractic and extremity adjustment, or any number of other combinations. We encourage you to look at the benefits of the various solutions we provide to get an idea of how expansive our reach is to help athletes across all levels and sports. Among the most effective treatments we have available to help Denver athletes improve their performance are:

We also support our various modalities for improved athletic ability with traditional counseling to help patients perform at their best across mental and physical levels.

What Are The Benefits Of Athletic Performance Enhancement In Denver?

The main benefit that comes from a targeted focus on performance enhancement in athletes is, of course, improved performance and athletic ability. However, we believe in being much more specific in our approach to athletic performance enhancement. Some of the most common areas of improvement athletes who come to us for training include:

  • Faster reaction times
  • Improved visual acuity
  • Enhanced functional and sport-specific movement
  • Faster processing on and off the field
  • Better balance and coordination
  • More precision in fine motor movement
  • Increased proprioceptive awareness

More important than the physical and cognitive improvements our treatments can have for athletes is the result of that enhanced performance. Not only do many of our athletes receive scholarships and sponsorships and other sorts of recognition for their performance and athletic abilities, but they are also experiencing a safer participation experience with a reduced rate of injury.

Experience Athletic Performance Enhancement In Denver At McWhorter CNR

If you’re an athlete - amateur to professional - who wants to take their game to the next level, the McWhorter CNR approach to athletic performance enhancement could be just the competitive edge you’re looking for. Contact the office today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our unique and effective approach to enhancing performance for Denver athletes.