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Restore Your Health with NIR Light Therapy

Explore our non-invasive, science-backed treatment for pain management and more.

Relieve Pain With Near-Infrared Light Therapy In Denver

The average person struggles to balance their everyday responsibilities with a healthy lifestyle. The demands of our personal and professional lives often prevent us from doing everything necessary to maintain our general wellness, including sufficient circulation and other basic functioning required to thrive. There are plenty of ways to counteract the negative side effects an average lifestyle has on the human body, including light therapy. Let's examine how near-infrared light therapy in Denver can impact your overall health and help you manage and prevent pain.

What Is Near-Infrared Light Therapy?

If you think back to your high school science class, you may recall learning about the visible light spectrum. Wavelengths of electromagnetic light range in size from 0.0001 nanometers to 100 meters. Research has shown that a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum - approximately 700nm to 1,100nm - can have a positive impact on the human body. Red and near-infrared are the light waves that fall into these measurements. These wavelengths can penetrate nearly two inches into the human dermis, accessing the cellular level of the human body to ultimately provide us with health benefits.

McWhorter CNR's Approach To NIR Therapy In Denver

It’s important to note that while red and near-infrared light can penetrate deep into the body, it’s a non-invasive therapy that can be highly beneficial in stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself. More specifically, near-infrared light therapy initiates a biological process called "photobiomodulation," during which nitric oxide is released to increase circulation. This improved circulation reduces the negative side effects that we experience as a result of our everyday lifestyles.

Who Should Try NIR Therapy?

Near-infrared light therapy can be beneficial for anyone who suffers from poor circulation. How do you know whether or not your circulation is up to par, though? Our lifestyles can have a major impact on our body’s ability to function. Poor circulation can present itself with a number of symptoms that range from general aches, pains, and cramps to numbness, dizziness, and headaches. If you struggle with some of these unwanted symptoms, even minor ones, you may want to talk to an expert about near-infrared light therapy.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy + Pain Management

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons that patients seek near-infrared light therapy in Denver. Poor circulation throughout the body not only produces some undesirable symptoms, but it can also lead to difficulty healing, as well as chronic aches and pains that strain the average lifestyle. Near-infrared light therapy treats the causes of chronic pain at the source to stimulate the body’s own capabilities and encourage natural healing.

What Are The Benefits Of Near-Infrared Therapy?

Part of what makes near-infrared light therapy worth considering is the nature of the treatment itself. It’s entirely non-invasive but still penetrates deep into the molecular level to make a positive impact on the human body. Light therapy is much more than just a band-aid. Rather, it’s a long-term and, in some cases, permanent solution for pain management that helps patients take back control of their symptoms and avoid much more invasive pain management alternatives.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy In Denver From McWhorter CNR

Our clinicians are highly trained in pain management through a variety of different applications, including near-infrared light therapy. If you struggle with poor circulation, chronic pain, or a combination of any of the above symptoms, near-infrared light therapy could be worth considering.

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My wife and I have had a lot of success working with Dr. McWhorters team. Every one is his office is warm, knowledgeable, and eager to help us on every visit... He has not only become an incredible resource for healing and self exploration, but he has also become a friend. We are tremendously fortunate to have access to this great team & facility.


Very knowledgeable and caring staff. My wife and I are from Pennsylvania and she has been struggling with MDDS dizziness/nausea since 2019. After coming up empty in the PA market we found Dr McWhorter’s center in Colorado and my wife has definitely seen progress in only 2-weeks that she hasn’t seen in 4yrs. Entire staff is accommodating to questions and willing to help. Thank you.


The team at McWhorter CNR is a very professional group; they made sure I had the best care possible. Besides being professional, they are also a kind and caring bunch; I felt like family while working on my therapy! Dr. McWhorter is a skilled diagnostician, developing a specific treatment plan for each patient. My program (for MDDS) was intense but enjoyable! I am feeling the benefits of the therapies I completed, feeling less dizzy as I continue in my everyday life! THANK YOU MCWHORTER CNR!!!! :)


So accommodating and knowledgeable. Best help! I’ve had unbelievable results since my spinal tumor removal. This rehab plan has been the most helpful over the last 4 years. Thank you Dr. McWhorter.


Started seeing Dr Mchworter for 3 years now and he is the best in his field. His knowledge of the brain is incredible. I was unaware of some of the issues that were lingering from a few old concussions and he helped correct them and got me back competition ready quickly. I highly recommend him if you have had any concussions and or want to improve your athletic performance.

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