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Head injuries occur every day due to accidents, sports and violence. In children, they often result in learning disabilities such as memory problems and difficulty focusing. Adults who suffer mild head injuries usually recover within days, but those with severe head injuries may require weeks or months of rehabilitation. Whatever the cause is, you need to treat a head injury as soon as possible. If you live in Denver, IV therapy can greatly benefit your recovery!

What is IV therapy? How can it help you? Let’s dive into these questions a little further and help you find the support you need for a successful recovery.

How Denver IV Therapy Can Help with Your Head Trauma

The first thing that happens when your brain gets injured is a decrease of blood flow to it. The blood vessels in your head constrict, which can lead to bleeding into the brain tissue. If this doesn’t happen fast enough, the brain cells will die. You may also experience swelling inside your skull, which can press on nerves and make them stop working properly.

When you get a head injury like this, you need to be treated right away. That means getting immediate medical attention and then having someone help you rest. It’s important to stay calm during this time. Don’t try to do anything yourself until you see a doctor. They will give you medicine to reduce any pain and inflammation, and they may even put you under general anesthesia if necessary.

Once you’re stable, you should go home and relax. However, concussions and other brain injuries will have lingering effects on your mind and body. These lingering effects can last for a substantial amount of time without medical interventions like alternative therapies.

How Can IV Therapy Help with Head Trauma?

IV therapy packages that are filled correctly with the right components can rapidly restore vitamin levels, which is essential for people who suffer from traumatic injuries to their brains. By providing essential nutrients, intravenous (IV) therapy ensures that the organs receive adequate amounts of blood and nutrients to help restore the body.

Replacement of lost fluids or electrolyte balance through intravenous infusion is particularly important for TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients, who may suffer from an imbalance of fluids or minerals and significant amounts of bleeding. IV treatment is especially important for stabilizing TBI victims before they undergo surgery.

Brain injury patients who receive intravenous therapies may improve their overall brain function. More specifically, intravenous infusions of B vitamins can keep the level of homocysteine low in the blood and slow down the rate at which the brain's cells shrink, thus improving memory, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

What Can McWhorter CNR Do for You?

At McWhorter CNR, we offer a wide range of state-of-the-­art therapies for patients who've been diagnosed with a concussive injury by their physician. Depending on the area of the brain that’s been affected and the frequency and severity of the injury, Dr. McWhorter - an expert in concussion recovery - will tailor a personalized recovery program for you.

Our approach to concussion rehabilitation therapy in Denver is different than most because we are looking at the needs of the patient at every level of cognitive ability. Brain injuries not only affect physical health but also cause mental impairments that may take time to properly heal. We help patients regain their mental faculties through rehabilitation techniques, including IV therapy packages, which are designed to promote healing and improve cognitive functions.

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